Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I want to go on a vacation of my choice and do my CME there, How can ‘CME Trip.org’ help me?

A. ‘CME Trip.org’ registers and reports the completion of a course at a particular location and dates. You will receive a certificate of completion of an activity including dates and location. CME Trip.org is NOT a CME provider. It is a CME activity Registration and Reporting Service.

Q. How does ‘CME Trip.org’ check whether a CME was completed at a particular location and time?

A. CME Trip.org uses honor system to allow Physicians to report the dates and location of the courses. It verifies the CME credits from the documentation provided by the CME Providers. The information is then recorded into our database for reporting purposes and a certificate of completion is issued.

Q. What kinds of Documents does ‘CME Trip.org’ provides?

A. Following Documents are provided to the applicants

1) Pre-approval Letter indicating the planned CME  course, topic, dates and location is issued prior to the CME event.

2) Receipt of Payment to ‘CME Trip.org’

3) Upon receipt of CME certificates and a completed ‘CME Submission Form’, a Certificate of Completion is also issued indicating the reported Location and Dates of the course.

Q. Can I use this documentation for Tax Deduction?A. Please consult a tax attorney or professional regarding taxation or tax deduction of your CME expenses. Neither this website or letters/ certificates issued by us is an advice or proof of tax liability or absence of tax liability. Taxation of CME expenses including travel expenses, registration fees including fees paid to us is complicated and only your tax attorney or preparer can guide you about this issue.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. We require you to buy at least 2 CME Credits per day of vacation to be eligible for Pre-Approval and Certification. Each Credit hour registration costs $25/-. Less than two hours of CME a day really does not justify the trip. You can either fax in your credit card information on the CME Pre-approval form. Or you can pay at the payment center using secure Paypal and include the payment confirmation number.

Q. Will ‘CME Trip.com’ provide the CME?

A. No. ‘CME Trip.org’ is a CME activity registration and reporting service and not a CME Provider. You can get Free CME Provider List at our CME Resources page. You can also purchase a CME Product of your choice from any CME Provider and use it instead, on your CME travel.

Q. When do I have to complete the Post Test?

A. You have to complete the Post Test requirements of your CME Provider latest 10 days after your return after returning from your CME trip. It is your responsibility to complete the requirements of your CME Provider to obtain CME credits and certificates.

Q. When do I submit the CME certificates to get my Certificate of Completion?

A. Once you receive your CME Certificate(s), forward us  a copy immediately along with CME Submission Form, which was mailed to you along with your Pre-approval letter. You will  then receive your Certificate of Completion within four weeks.

Q. I need my Certificate of Completion faster? Can you expedite it?

A. We can process your application in an expedited manner. Please use the ‘CME RUSH FORM’  at the CME Forms Page. There is an additional fee for the service.

Q. I have already completed my travel and completed my CME? But I did not apply earlier for the CME Pre-approval. Can I still apply for Certificate of Completion?

A. If your travel was within two months you may be able to apply for Certificate of Course Completion.  And use the form POST CME FORM available at the Forms page. You will have to send us copies of your CME Certificate(s).The CME Certificate(s) should indicate the date on which it was completed.