4 Simple Steps

***NOTICE: To protect your submitted information we have discontinued acceptance of faxed forms. Now you can fill your CME request form online and make payment online directly to paypal by credit card. Please note you do not need a paypal account to make payment by credit card. Please contact us with any questions ****

Our simple four steps process will get you all documents that you need including Pre-Approval Letter, Certification of Completion of Course at a particular date and location. Once you complete the post test requirement of your CME Provider, you will be able to get a CME certificate from them.

Here are the four simple and easy steps.

STEP 1. Plan which CME you will take. Find a Free or Paid CME Provider.  Then fill the Pre-Approval form and remit the payment by credit card or Paypal at our Payment Center . Please note it can accept credit card without paypal account for payment.

A list of Free and paid CME Providers is available at CMETrip.org’s CME Resources.


STEP 2. We will mail you a Pre-approval letter and CME submission form.


STEP 3. Go to the vacation of your choice with your CME material and complete your CME. Complete the post-test within 10 days of returning and submit it to the respective CME Provider.


STEP 4. Once you receive the CME Completion Certificates, mail a copy of the CME certificates to us along with a completed CME Submission Form.

It is quick and easy!


Your CME travel and activity including credit hours will be registered and you will receive your Certificate of Completion including the Topics, Presenter, Dates and Locations in about four weeks of submitting the CME certificates. Click here for details on our Money Back Guarantee.